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Container Seal & Industries (CSAI)

Container seals & Industries has been entrusted for more than 30 years to design,manufacture & distribute security seals pan India. Our collections of security seals support various industries and applications and we have been pioneers in quickly supplying new products to meet the industry needs.

Once again, we are proud to launch our new product RFID bolt seals to meet the demands of the Industry.

A product that secures cargo like never before while simultaneously speeding up the customs clearance process.

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Electronic Container Seal

  • Conforms to the ISO 17712 standard as approved by the customs

  • Can be used by all exporters and AEOs eligible for self sealing.

  • Comes with the package of ESeal + Software + Reader

  • It is a mechanical bolt seal with RFID technology and can be used only once.

  • Can’t be read before use. It gets activated only when the seal is locked

  • Cannot be duplicated as it has a unique TID which is not visible on the physical part of the seal.

  • Cannot be read after it is cut.

  • Helps provide quick custom clearance.

  • Tracking the container from the exporter location to the port/ICD is possible sitting at one location.